The Living Christ

Man.. the time is going so quick. 

So here’s a rundown of our week. 

We had exchanges with the Inverness elders. It was Elder Buck, Heer, and I together. We had a good exchange and worked hard. Elder Buck is super diligent and faithful. Such a great missionary. It was a lot of fun.

We had another good lesson with Hannah and Bobby. We read the first 12 verses of the Book of Mormon with them. It’s a great way to introduce the Book of Mormon and then invite them to finish the chapter.

Zone Conference & Double Exchanges

Its been  a good week. My last zone conference was this week.. the time goes by so fast! It was so weird giving my departing testimony. We shared that video I put on here last week as part of our training lol it was great.

Afterwards we started our exchange with the Northport Elders, Elder Childs and Sobrio. It was good. Exchanges are always fun because you get to work with different missionaries.

Netflix and.. Bless?


Hey y’all, this last week has been a blur so I’ll do my best to share what has happened.
We’ve been doing all sorts of finding. Pretty much all of our time is spent finding. We’ve had such a hard time lately finding people that want to learn more about our message. It’s so frustrating because people don’t know what they’re missing out on. “I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption.” Omni 1:26

The End Draweth Nigh

Man it’s crazy that another transfer has gone by. So the news is that Elder Davis is getting transferred and Elder Heer and I will be staying here. And we found out this morning that we’re going to be in another trio. Elder Ramsey is coming here from Ensley. Its funny cause we had exchanges with Ensley this last week and it was Elder Ramsey, Heer, and I together so we will be working together for the next 6 weeks.

Truth Week 97 – Alabama Birmingham Mission Birmingham Alabama   Its HOT and its HUMID. I can’t believe its already July and I’m a week a way from starting my last transfer. Where has the time gone? We have been trying to get to know the members more and help them with their missionary work….

Back to back

This week has just been packed. Great things are happening. 

We had interviews this week and as always they were great. President Sainsbury is the man! 

So we started teaching Abby and Savannah. We met Abby a week or two ago and then Savannah is her roommate. Raksha has been coming to the lessons and they are doing great! They came to church on Sunday with Raksha. 🙂

We had back to back exchanges this week. The first was with the I

Little by little

Well another week down. The time is really going by fast. 

I think the humidity is gonna kill me. It’s been so hot! 

This week we had all but two of our appointments fall through which is super frustrating and discouraging, but we also had some good things happen.

The Find Grind

Alright so things are going well. We’ve been doing tons of finding. From tracting, store contacting, talking to people on the streets. We met a lot of new people this week. Not too many YSA but one team on dream. We met an older guy who said to call him Pops. His wife passed away in 2006 and he doesn’t have many friends. He reads the bible and goes to a church but we told him about the Book of Mormon and how it can help him as well as coming to our church and becoming a part of the church family.

100% Humid

We’ve had a pretty good week. We had exchanges with the AP’s, I was with Elder Swainston and we had a good time biking and doing some finding. The humidity was about 90% so I was soaked. All in all it was a good exchange and we actually found a YSA so now he’s our investigator since Hoover is still our area 🙂

Moister than an oyster

Another week down! It’s been a good week.

So last Monday we met a guy named Christian. He came to FHE with a member he works with. He lived in Utah for about 5 years and wants to be baptized but his family is totally against it and he lives with them and if he gets baptized they said they’ll kick him out. So we’re praying something will change their hearts.

Lando from the Bando

Man it’s been such a great week! So first off, Landon got baptized! It was amazing. He was baptized on Saturday by Elder Davis and then Sunday I was able to confirm him. His baptism went so well. We had lots of support from the branch and members. Landons less active grandfather gave the talk on baptism and did such a good job. When Elder Davis baptized him his dreads floated to the surface so Elder Davis had to keep pushing him deeper until they all went under hahaha he got it first try though so it was good. He gave his testimony at church yesterday after he was confirmed, it was awesome. The gospel really can change people.

Peace in Christ

Alright so its only been a couple days since last pday but great things have happened.

On Thursday we went to the temple and had a great experience there with the other missionaries. Its a blessing to have a temple in our mission.

On Friday we had MLC which was really good. We talked a lot about our mission culture and where its at and the vision for what we want it to become.