100% Humid

We’ve had a pretty good week. We had exchanges with the AP’s, I was with Elder Swainston and we had a good time biking and doing some finding. The humidity was about 90% so I was soaked. All in all it was a good exchange and we actually found a YSA so now he’s our investigator since Hoover is still our area 🙂

Moister than an oyster

Another week down! It’s been a good week.

So last Monday we met a guy named Christian. He came to FHE with a member he works with. He lived in Utah for about 5 years and wants to be baptized but his family is totally against it and he lives with them and if he gets baptized they said they’ll kick him out. So we’re praying something will change their hearts.

Lando from the Bando

Man it’s been such a great week! So first off, Landon got baptized! It was amazing. He was baptized on Saturday by Elder Davis and then Sunday I was able to confirm him. His baptism went so well. We had lots of support from the branch and members. Landons less active grandfather gave the talk on baptism and did such a good job. When Elder Davis baptized him his dreads floated to the surface so Elder Davis had to keep pushing him deeper until they all went under hahaha he got it first try though so it was good. He gave his testimony at church yesterday after he was confirmed, it was awesome. The gospel really can change people.

zone conference, exchanges, and bashing

Hey y’all so we’ve had a pretty good week.
First off, Landon is going to be baptized this Saturday! He wanted to move it up cause he feels that he’s ready. We think he’s ready too. He’s been keeping all his commitments and has been reading the book of Mormon. We’re stoked for it. He’s gonna be moving to Florida for a couple months though right after. He’s got a record deal down there so he’s gonna spend the summer there.

Peace in Christ

Alright so its only been a couple days since last pday but great things have happened.

On Thursday we went to the temple and had a great experience there with the other missionaries. Its a blessing to have a temple in our mission.

On Friday we had MLC which was really good. We talked a lot about our mission culture and where its at and the vision for what we want it to become.

Birmingham YSA

Hey everyone! This last week has been great! A lot has happened.
So first off, we had transfers. I was transferred from Montgomery to the Birmingham YSA branch. My new companion is Elder Davis. He’s from Nevada and actually came out with me so I know him from the MTC. He’s a great missionary and we’ve been having a great time here in Birmingham.