100 Things I Learned from my mission

Week 104   1. Driver logged in 2. Humility 3. Patience 4. Lift where you stand Alma 29: 1-3 5. Diligence 6. The gospel 7. The touch of the masters hand 8. Charity 9. Roll tide 10. God answers prayers 11. Discipleship 12. Commitment 13. The bible 14. Apostasy was very real 15. Face your…

The Living Christ

Man.. the time is going so quick. 

So here’s a rundown of our week. 

We had exchanges with the Inverness elders. It was Elder Buck, Heer, and I together. We had a good exchange and worked hard. Elder Buck is super diligent and faithful. Such a great missionary. It was a lot of fun.

We had another good lesson with Hannah and Bobby. We read the first 12 verses of the Book of Mormon with them. It’s a great way to introduce the Book of Mormon and then invite them to finish the chapter.


Hey everyone so things are moving along. We’ve been working hard and trying to find and teach. 

Elder Buck and Elder Ramsey ran a 5K on Saturday in their proselyting clothes. It was funny, lots of weird looks from people. Everyone was way nice though. Elder Buck got in the top 10 overall and first for his age group.

As I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon I’ve been paying attention to the simple truths that are taught. The Book of Mormon has so many scriptures that are so simple and clear.