Hot Fish

Week 79 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

Montgomery Alabama

We had interviews with President Sainsbury this week but he was 2 hours behind and we had an appointment so we waited 2 hours and had a 5 minute interview.

We met with Franchezaka and we were planning on teaching her the restoration but she had some questions that just took it all over the place and we never actually got to teach the restoration. We’re meeting with her again this week and will be teaching her the restoration.

We went out to Tuskegee on Friday cause a lady wanted to feed us that lives out there but once we got out there she called and cancelled. We had put together a list of less actives that lived in the same general area so we spent the next 5 hours visiting less actives.

The copper wires that someone stole from our church’s AC units still haven’t been fixed so we have no AC in the building which makes for a very moist 3 hours of church.

We tried hunting down more less actives yesterday and a lady came out with a revolver. She claims shes excommunicated.

Anyway yeah pretty uneventful week hopefully this week is better!


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