Week 76 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

3100 Lorna Road, Suite 107
Birmingham, AL 35216

I’m 21! What better way to spend it than talking to people about Jesus haha. We’ve had a good week here in Montgomery.

I got double birthday dinners this week 🙂

First on my birthday we got to spend some time with the Villalobos and have dinner with them. We had burgers and they had some bomb ice cream cake. They’re such a great family I love spending time with them. They even gave me oreos and fun socks.

On Thursday the Wrights had us over and they asked what I wanted so I asked for tacos. Turns out their family tradition is tacos for birthday dinners so I’m officially a part of their family haha. They’re really fun too.

Some other stories from the week.

We tried seeing a guy named Leonard who supposedly wants to come back to church but we’ve never actually been able to talk to him. After knocking on his door and having someone tell us he moved we got back in the car. While putting in the next address in the GPS and this big guy walks right next to our car holding a giant machete and then just keeps walking down the street hahaha.

We contacted a lady named Vernell out in Union Springs. She requested a free bible. We brought it to her and then she started talking about everyones getting shot in Union Springs and how “its like veitNAM out here”  LOL

We visited a family and I had drank like a gallon of water and man I had to pee so bad. When we got up and left I couldn’t even stand up straight hahaha. We went to the closest place to pee which was Baptist East Hospital. I prayed that God would give me a spot right up at the front and then exercised faith by driving right to the front and boom their was a clergy spot. #blessings

We talked to a guy named David that was preaching on the street corner. He didn’t want a Book of Mormon but he loved yelling about the dragon in Revelations. Gotta love the South.

This is something I’ve been thinking about this week


Yea, adn as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me.

Mosiah 26:30

Hope y’all have a good week

-Elder Furgeson

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