I’ll be man enough to admit it


Week 69 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

3100 Lorna Road, Suite 107
Birmingham, AL 35216

Well the transfer news is that I’m still in Capitol and so is Elder Braaksma. We’ll be here another 6 weeks which we’re happy about.

Let me tell you about our week lol

So there’s this guy named brother Mckay. He’s older and is like always in the hospital but he’s home now. Well kinda home. He lives with his ex-wife and her new husband and they take care of him (kinda a weird situation). He can’t walk and is in a wheel chair. He probably weighs about 300 lbs or so. Anyways we helped move some stuff around in the house and then got back in the room where he was and there was a gross smell in the air.. he said “I’m gonna be man enough to admit it, I had an accident. Go grab gloves just in case” We then were lucky enough to help him into bed so that his ex-wife could change him. I was the lucky one stationed behind him! We were instructed to grab his waistband and pull up lol we got him into the bed. The things I do for Jesus.

We got a referral for someone who requested a free Bible online. We visited them and the husband just started being a preacher for some church. We had a nice little conversation about the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Also there’s a member who accidentally set off his vivint alarm and then a little later saw two guys coming to his door and thought it was us. He thought it’d be funny to answer it in his underwear. Turns out it was the Montgomery police department lol

We’ve been sharing the light the world video with people and we’ve been trying to light this world!


Hope y’all have a great week!

-Elder Furgeson

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  1. Pauline Hendricks says:

    Dear Elder Furgeson Thank you for The Christmas Card. We finally have some snow. For Christmas Sherie and Lynn gave me a book to help me with the Book of Mormon. Your Mom is so excited 😆 to have every one at home and you are where you should be. Time go s by so fast this is your last Christmas in Alabama!! The birth of the Savior we celebrate on December 25th but We know he was born April on 6 th April. Merry Christmas my prayers are with you and I love you so much. Love ❤️ Grandma 👵

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