Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I’m gonna keep this super short. Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we visited a lady who has stage 4 terminal cancer. It was so humbling to spend some time with her and see how grateful she was for life. Christmas is a great time to reflect on Christ and what he has made possible….

I’ll be man enough to admit it Week 69 – Alabama Birmingham Mission 3100 Lorna Road, Suite 107 Birmingham, AL 35216 Well the transfer news is that I’m still in Capitol and so is Elder Braaksma. We’ll be here another 6 weeks which we’re happy about. Let me tell you about our week lol So there’s this guy named brother Mckay….


We went out to Tuskegee and met a really nice lady who hasnt been to church in years. We shared the Light the World video with her and she really enjoyed it. It was a nice little visit.

Last night we had the chance to visit a lady in the hospital. She has pneumonia and has been there for a little while. She hopefully got out this morning, but her friend in another part of Alabama wanted us to visit her and give her a blessing. She was really friendly and she’s who you’d call if you wanted to put something on a billboard. We will be

Caught in the rain

Its been like a week and a half since the last pday so this is much needed haha. 

We don’t know whats up with Tiffany. We stopped by and knocked on her door last night and we saw her for the first time in about 2 weeks. She was holding her phone and said one second and closed the door. We waited in the rain for 15 minutes and she didn’t come back. 

 Taylor, from Tuscaloosa is living in Montgomery now. She’s in the boundaries for the other ward but we went with the other missionaries to introduce them and had a fun