Week 63 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

3100 Lorna Road, Suite 107
Birmingham, AL 35216

Well I’m now in Montgomery Alabama! Its nice to be in a city and so nice to see big buildings instead of just trees! There’s so much history that happened here too so thats pretty cool.

Sadly I didn’t have time to say bye to anyone in Clanton so that was actually really sad 😦

I got a call from Sister Sainsbury wednesday at like 7:15 in the morning saying that my new companion would be to our apartment in 15 minutes and that I would go with him back to montgomery and not to transfers. That was really annoying cause there were a bunch of people I wanted to say bye to at transfers.

My new companion is Elder Braaksma. He’s from Arizona and has been out a little over 3 months. We are serving in the Capitol ward. Its a military ward because of the military base here so theres a lot of people that are just in and out.

We got a media referral for a lady named Tiffany this week. We brought her her bible and shared with her the Book of Mormon. She felt the spirit so strongly and accepted the invitation to be baptized on December 2. She wanted to come to church but overslept because she didn’t want to go to bed without reading the Book of Mormon so didn’t go to sleep until 2. She came to a lunch that a member held after church though and really enjoyed it. She wants to come next week.

We visited a lady named Maggie in the hospital. A guy in a rehab center told us to visit her. shes not a member and was very grateful to see us. We gave her a blessing and she was very grateful. She also asked for a “Mormon bible” and said she’s wanted one for a long time. She was so thankful and I think shes in love with the guy who told us to come see her. the whole time she’d switch from how much she loves Jesus to how much she cares about Brother Mckay haha.

Also at the hospital a security guard stopped us cause he got a call that there was someone on the parking garage looking off the edge and they thought they might be thinking of committing suicide.. ooops. Got the picture though..


Well hope you guys have a good week!

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