Week 62 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

Well after 62 weeks of being in the south someone finally made me grits. People have been telling me they’d make some for the past year but Sister Williams finally actually did. They were good 🙂

So tomorrow is transfers and I’m gonna be getting transferred. This time they didn’t tell us where we’re going or who we’re gonna be with so I’ll find out tomorrow at transfers.

We had two exchanges this week, one with the Pratville elders and one with the Wetumpka Elders. They were both pretty fun.

On Saturday we had a funeral service for Elder Foudy (He’s going home, not a real funeral) the sisters there went all out with it. It was pretty funny. Elder Foudy will be missed. He’s one of my favorites out here.

On Saturday the branch  had a fall festival. Keith and Toccara came and the 2 kids did as well. Toccara even brought her sister. They all really enjoyed it. It was at the Phillips house and we got to help them setup for it. It turned out really good!


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