Week 60 – Alabama Birmingham Mission


801 Trilliam Ln

Clanton AL 35045


Some stuff from this week 🙂

We received word that someone moved into the ward from Florida so we got the address on his records and went to go meet this guy. He lived in Thorsby (about 30 minutes away) the address took us to the middle of nowhere. All we found were abandoned houses and trailers where a tornado probably went through a couple years ago and it was getting dark. Super sketchy. As we were leaving some giant military planes flew over us flying like 100 feet off the ground. We’re still not really sure what happened haha.

Also Elder Buhrley donated me a scoop of preworkout one morning. Haha I felt so good for about 4 hours and then man I felt terrible. Never again.

We taught Keith and Toccara the word of wisdom. Toccara is so ready! She accepted it without question and said she drinks coffee but can give it up and then even said she thinks caffiene isn’t good. She wants to be baptized but they need to be married first so we’re waiting for them to pick a date for them to get married.

We had exchanges with the Wetumpka elders. I was with Elder Corbett this time. He’s a good guy from Wyoming. It was a fun exchange. The Elmores fed the 4 of us and sister Elmore made some bomb banana pudding.

We had a multi district meeting in Montgomery and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings after (of course)

We had Stake Conference this Sunday and Bishop Davies from the presiding bishopric was there. It was a great conference. We streamed it to the Clanton building and we were in charge of that and the wifi is slow so we had to stream it at the lowest quality so all the old people were throwing a fit about technology.

Also last Monday we had a zone activity and had a Halloween party thing in Montgomery. It was fun. Afterwards some of us went to the capitol and checked out some of the things around there.

Love and miss all y’all

Elder Furgeson



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