Week 59 – Alabama Birmingham Mission


801 Trilliam Ln

Clanton AL 35045

WE DROVE SO MUCH THIS WEEK. So on thursday we had district meeting in Wetumpka (1 hour) then drove to Birmingham for a doctors appointment (2 hours) then back to Clanton (1 hour) and then that night had to drive to Bessemer to help set up for the Gladys Knight devotional (1 hour) and then woke up friday morning and spent a couple hours setting up the church for the big event and then drove back to Clanton (1 hour) and then came back that night for the devotional (1 hour) WHICH WAS AWESOME! We didn’t leave there until almost 12 so we got home at like 1 in the morning (1 hour).

I didn’t know who Gladys Knight was until a couple months ago but everyone loves her. The Bessemer and Birmingham Stakes applied for this devotional where Gladys and her Saints Unified Voices choir come and perform and bear testimony. They applied for it 3 years ago and it just now happened. It was a huge missionary opportunity but sadly it was aimed at the Bessemer and Birmingham stakes. We had invited our neighbor a while back though so got tickets and were able to go! The church was filled. There were two sessions. The goal was to get 1,000 at each so 2,000 total. Also saw a couple people from Northport and my boy Elder Tausinga, love that guy. Since we’re in the Montgomery zone and stake we didn’t hear much about it and nobody mentioned to us that we were supposed to wear suits.. so we were the only missionaries there not wearing suits.. embarrassing.

Brother Foote and Taylor from Northport came to visit on Tuesday. He took us to the Hickory Chip here in Clanton. It was bomb! Man it was so good to see them!

We helped Keith and Toccara pick up a table for their trailer. We got them mattresses last week so now we’re just working on getting them a couch. We have one lined up we just need a member with a truck to help us.

The hurricanes just keep coming, because of hurricane Nate they cancelled church and we had to stay indoors most of Sunday. They’re dangerous cause of the possibilities of tornado’s spinning off of them. The tornado sirens went off Saturday night.

“..for I ought to be content with the things the Lord hath allotted unto me.”

Alma 29:3

Love all y’all

Elder Furgeson



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