Roach N’ Cheese

Week 56 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

801 Trilliam Ln

Clanton AL 35045

Well we’re still waiting for transfer news.. but transfers are going to be this Wednesday.

We had some great lessons with Keith and Tocarra this week. We moved them into their new trailer and so they’re getting settled in. They don’t have any furniture though or a fridge. So now when we visit them we all sit on the floor. They’re so humble, it amazes me! They have committed to prepare to be baptized on the 21 of October. 🙂

Sunday was the branch potluck. It was a pretty good potluck but like 2 hours after we ate Elder Robertson told me there was a roach cooked in his mac n cheese. I ate some of that! Nasty.

We had district meeting in Clanton this week and all went to peach park after for ice cream. Then we learned it was expensive so ate at Whattaburger instead.

Interviews were this week and the Brannons from Northport came to Pratville to take Elder Foudy and I to breakfast before interviews. Man I love them! Interviews were great, President Sainsbury always has good insight, wisdom and knowledge.


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