“We love ya no matter how dirty your boots are”


Week 54 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

801 Trilliam Ln

Clanton AL 35045

Well its been one of those weeks where I don’t even know what to write about. Keith and Tocarra came to church. We’ve been visiting them about 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks and they’re praying about baptism. We have another lady who wants to be baptized but I don’t think we’ve seen her sober yet so we don’t know if she actually knows she wants to be baptized.

We went to Wetumpka so I could interview their investigator Trevor. We split off so that we could accomplish more. Elder Robertson went with Elder Corbett and I went with Elder Schrubb to meet and interview Trevor. Trevors 14 and he was baptized on Sunday. He’s a great kid! After the interview we went and visited a member of their ward and while we were there the dad handed us each a little box and inside the box was a gas mask “just in case.” hahaha people in the South.

Also this last weekend was kickoff for Alabama football. Remind me to never tract on gameday again lol. We thought since the game was at 7 we could tract at 2 and be fine. We tracted for over two hours and only talked to 5 people! A weiner dog peed on Elder Robertson and an old dude decided to pee on his front lawn right as we walked around his big tree. Lol that was awkward.

Love all y’all

-Elder Furgeson


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