Week 51.5 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

801 Trilliam Ln

Clanton AL 35045

We’re going to the temple today so today is our pday and that’s why I’m emailing on a Thursday.

Today marks one year since I was set apart as a missionary! There’s been so much I’ve learned through the first year of my missionary service. Here’s two:

Joseph Smith once said “If you teach them correct principles they will govern themselves.” I’ve learned that this statement is absolutely true.

I know for a fact that Christ established his Church when he walked the earth as the Mortal Messiah. I know that he left his apostles to take the church to all nations. I know that the people rejected the apostles teachings as they did Christ. I know that there was an apostasy and the hundreds and thousands of churches in the South are a result of that apostasy. I know that Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the church and truths that had been lost. I know these things because of the Book of Mormon which has drawn me closer to Christ than any other book.

Clanton is a small town in Alabama. At the beginning of the year there were around 30 people in attendance to the Branch. Last Sunday there were 79 people packed into the little chapel.

We spent a lot of time tracting this last week and have found some people with a lot of potential. We invited Keith to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He can’t read but his fiance is going to read it to him. The spirit was there during that lesson even though we were in a little trailer with cockroaches running around on the walls.

My companion is Elder Robertson. He’s from Lovell Wyoming and has been on his mission about 5 months. He’s shy but is very intelligent.

The internet here in this church is pretty slow so I probably won’t be able to upload my pictures.


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