Week 46


Week 46 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

Northport, Alabama

800 Energy Center Blvd Apt. 205

Northport, AL 35473

I’ll get straight to the point. This week we had zone conference and exchanges. So we spent a lot of time outside of our area. Zone conference is always a great time to think about how you can improve as a missionary. We talked a lot about our studies and becoming better planners.

The Calvins had us over for dinner on the 4th of July and we got to spend some time with them. They’re such a nice family! We were gonna try to see some fireworks but ended up just going home so I saw 0 fireworks this year.

Our ward had a fish fry with some red snapper that the youth caught on their trip last month. It was really good! The youth here are awesome.

We had exchanges with the Inverness elders and it was nice to spend some time in a new place. We randomly helped some movers move stuff into an apartment and then we realized it was one of their investigators apartments. One of the movers was interested and I got his info and sent it to the elders where he lives. I was wearing brown pants while helping them move and its so hot and humid you could see sweat all over my legs lol.


Well that was pretty much my week. We found a nice family while tracting and will be going back tomorrow and hopefully things go well. 🙂

19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by

 the obedience  of one shall many be made righteous.

Romans 5:19



Peace love and blessings.


Elder Furgeson

Alabama Birmingham Mission



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