Trio Life

Week 41 – Alabama Birmingham Mission

Northport, Alabama

800 Energy Center Blvd Apt. 205

Northport, AL 35473

Someone should write me a letter cause I never get any 😉

Being in a trio is pretty fun.

Elder Honn is awesome I’m glad he joined the companionship.

Not a whole lot to write about this week. We’re trying to work with prospective elders and part member families. Right now we don’t have very many people to work with so the days drag on forever.

We were visiting a family and the dad talked all about how when he was 13 he was a hired assassin for the military, that he has a Pontiac that runs on jet fuel that can go 300 mph in a quarter mile, and that he crashed his car and it flew off an 80 ft cliff and then 2 miles through a field of corn. Lol people in the south.

Pray 4 me


Elder Furgeson

Alabama Birmingham Mission

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