We went out to Tuskegee and met a really nice lady who hasnt been to church in years. We shared the Light the World video with her and she really enjoyed it. It was a nice little visit.

Last night we had the chance to visit a lady in the hospital. She has pneumonia and has been there for a little while. She hopefully got out this morning, but her friend in another part of Alabama wanted us to visit her and give her a blessing. She was really friendly and she’s who you’d call if you wanted to put something on a billboard. We will be

Caught in the rain

Its been like a week and a half since the last pday so this is much needed haha. 

We don’t know whats up with Tiffany. We stopped by and knocked on her door last night and we saw her for the first time in about 2 weeks. She was holding her phone and said one second and closed the door. We waited in the rain for 15 minutes and she didn’t come back. 

 Taylor, from Tuscaloosa is living in Montgomery now. She’s in the boundaries for the other ward but we went with the other missionaries to introduce them and had a fun

Happy Thanksgiving

12 Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people.


Well this week started off with a migraine on Monday but got better. I got food poisoning a week or so ago I don’t think I ever mentioned that haha. 

While tracting we talked to a lady named Damonica, she had a gold grill in.

We taught Tiffany the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Word of Wisdom this week and she

“They’re darker than us!”

We had a dinner appointment out in Tuskegee with Sister Hogue. She’s a super nice black lady and had a couple other people over as well. Halfway through dinner she put some extra rolls in the oven. While we were saying bye she remembered the rolls she had put in the oven and ran over and opened the oven and then turned to the other people that were there and said, “They’re darker than us!” 


Well I’m now in Montgomery Alabama! Its nice to be in a city and so nice to see big buildings instead of just trees! There’s so much history that happened here too so thats pretty cool.

Sadly I didn’t have time to say bye to anyone in Clanton so that was actually really sad 😦

I got a call from Sister


Well after 62 weeks of being in the south someone finally made me grits. People have been telling me they’d make some for the past year but Sister Williams finally actually did. They were good 🙂

So tomorrow is transfers and I’m

Random stuff

On Saturday we attempted to find a less active family that live in the boonies. After driving down numerous county roads and the GPS taking us to gated dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. We spent 3 hours trying to find it but never did! We discovered a really nice neighborhood in the process.. I think we accidentally left our area though. We asked a member about it on Sunday and he gave us directions.. turns out we drove right past it.. But we visited them Sunday and spent an hour or so talking to them. They’re super nice just can’t come because they have a lot of health issues.


We received word that someone moved into the ward from Florida so we got the address on his records and went to go meet this guy. He lived in Thorsby (about 30 minutes away) the address took us to the middle of nowhere. All we found were abandoned houses and trailers where a tornado probably went through a couple years ago and it was getting dark. Super sketchy. As we were leaving some giant military planes flew over us flying like 100 feet off the ground. We’re still not really sure what happened haha.

Also Elder Buhrley donated me a scoop of preworkout one morning. Haha I felt so good


WE DROVE SO MUCH THIS WEEK. So on thursday we had district meeting in Wetumpka (1 hour) then drove to Birmingham for a doctors appointment (2 hours) then back to Clanton (1 hour) and then that night had to drive to Bessemer to help set up for the Gladys Knight devotional (1 hour) and then woke up friday morning and spent a couple hours setting up the church for the big event and then drove back to Clanton (1 hour) and then came back that night for the devotional (1 hour) WHICH WAS AWESOME! We didn’t leave there until almost 12 so we got home at like 1 in the morning (1 hour). 

The Field is White

We received a referral for a lady named Sherri D Kangaroo requeting a Book of Mormon. We called her and she told us we could come that night so we did. She lives in the middle of the woods. So we’re driving around on dirt roads trying to figure out where her place is, but we finally found it and go up there. We meet her and share with her what the Book of Mormon is. We then ask when we can come back and share more and she tells us that she has to go to the doctor to get an MRI cause “I’m a little crazy” So here we are in the middle of the woods, in Alabama, in the dark, with a lady who just confessed to being crazy, and what do we do? Say a prayer with her. Only a mission haha

New Transfer

Well onto transfer #10. Elder Robertson was transferred to Magnolia and Elder Buhrley came to Clanton. He’s been out for about 14 months and is from Arizona. He’s into photography too so that’s pretty cool. 

Does anyone actually read this stuff? Haha