Baja Angels

Yesterday we went downtown to do some contacting and saw a group of people dressed in jean attire. We watched from a distance and thought they were making a music video. We went over and started talking to them. Turns out they’re the Baja Angels “Baja like you know what Taco Bell is?” is how they described it. We got 2 new potential investigators from their group lol Elder Anderson told us to work with people 16-25 he would be so proud.


I’m 21! What better way to spend it than talking to people about Jesus haha. We’ve had a good week here in Montgomery.

I got double birthday dinners this week ūüôā

First on my birthday we got to spend some time with the Villalobos and have dinner with them. We had burgers and they had some bomb ice cream cake. They’re such a great family I love spending time with them. They even gave me oreos and fun socks.

On Thursday the Wrights had us over and they asked what I wanted so I asked for tacos. Turns out their family tradition is tacos for birthday dinners so I’m officially a part of their family haha. They’re really fun too.¬†

Life’s a Beach

Another week gone by. It’s been a good one. So this week we had transfers. Elder Braaksma got transferred to Anniston and I stayed in Montgomery and got Elder Beach. He’s from Logan Utah and has been out about 6 months.¬†

Snow round 2

What a week!

So we got 3 inches of snow. Thats the second time we’ve gotten snow this transfer which is really abnormal for Alabama. Because of the ice and snow Montgomery like shut down and the highways were closed and we were told to stay inside most of the day.

We got our car back Thursday which was a huge blessing.

No car no problem?

Roll Tide!! Alabama are national champions again!

Our car has been in the shop for a week now. There was a dent in the side from last year that the mission wanted fixed. We miss her dearly. We’ve made it work though. We’ve had a lot more time to walk or ride our bikes. I’ve actually enjoyed the biking its nice getting some exercise¬† in. Yesterday we walked 11 miles according to my fitbit!


So this week we met a lady named Felicia. She had been homeless for a little while but now has a home and is trying to get closer to God. We had a great lesson with her where we taught her the retoration. At the end of the lesson she said, “Man I just feel so good right now. I feel like I’ve never felt before.”

During district meeting Elder Hanratty gave a training about time and how precious it is. Time just moves and moves. Gotta make those moments count. 

Church this week was pretty interesting haha. So on Saturday we visited an active lady in Tuskegee and encouraged her to share her testimony. She bore her testimony for like 15 minutes on Sunday haha. There was another testimony where someone shared that their

Week 71

This week we met a man named Josh. A member from Clanton told us we should reach out to him so we did. He’s 35 and he’s house sitting for a little house. He’s on the rougher side of town so he pretty much stays there so that nobody breaks in and makes meth. All he has is a little reclining chair and an airmatress. It’s been really cold here and all he has is a little fireplace. He has a couple blankets but we gave him another to hopefully help him a little. We had two visits with him this week. We shared the restoration and it went pretty well. During our second visit he really opened up and shared things about his life. He had even read the first 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon between our visits. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can help people regardless of their circumstances.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I’m gonna keep this super short. Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we visited a lady who has stage 4 terminal cancer. It was so humbling to spend some time with her and see how grateful she was for life. Christmas is a great time to reflect on Christ and what he has made possible….

I’ll be man enough to admit it Week 69 ‚Äď Alabama Birmingham Mission 3100 Lorna Road, Suite 107 Birmingham, AL 35216 Well the transfer news is that I’m still in Capitol and so is Elder Braaksma. We’ll be here another 6 weeks which we’re happy about. Let me tell you about our week lol So there’s this guy named brother Mckay….


We went out to Tuskegee and met a really nice lady who hasnt been to church in years. We shared the Light the World video with her and she really enjoyed it. It was a nice little visit.

Last night we had the chance to visit a lady in the hospital. She has pneumonia and has been there for a little while. She hopefully got out this morning, but her friend in another part of Alabama wanted us to visit her and give her a blessing. She was really friendly and she’s who you’d call if you wanted to put something on a billboard. We will be

Caught in the rain

Its been like a week and a half since the last pday so this is much needed haha. 

We don’t know whats up with Tiffany. We stopped by and knocked on her door last night and we saw her for the first time in about 2 weeks. She was holding her phone and said one second and closed the door. We waited in the rain for 15 minutes and she didn’t come back.¬†

¬†Taylor, from Tuscaloosa is living in Montgomery now. She’s in the boundaries for the other ward but we went with the other missionaries to introduce them and had a fun

Happy Thanksgiving

12 Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people.