We received word that someone moved into the ward from Florida so we got the address on his records and went to go meet this guy. He lived in Thorsby (about 30 minutes away) the address took us to the middle of nowhere. All we found were abandoned houses and trailers where a tornado probably went through a couple years ago and it was getting dark. Super sketchy. As we were leaving some giant military planes flew over us flying like 100 feet off the ground. We’re still not really sure what happened haha.

Also Elder Buhrley donated me a scoop of preworkout one morning. Haha I felt so good


WE DROVE SO MUCH THIS WEEK. So on thursday we had district meeting in Wetumpka (1 hour) then drove to Birmingham for a doctors appointment (2 hours) then back to Clanton (1 hour) and then that night had to drive to Bessemer to help set up for the Gladys Knight devotional (1 hour) and then woke up friday morning and spent a couple hours setting up the church for the big event and then drove back to Clanton (1 hour) and then came back that night for the devotional (1 hour) WHICH WAS AWESOME! We didn’t leave there until almost 12 so we got home at like 1 in the morning (1 hour). 

The Field is White

We received a referral for a lady named Sherri D Kangaroo requeting a Book of Mormon. We called her and she told us we could come that night so we did. She lives in the middle of the woods. So we’re driving around on dirt roads trying to figure out where her place is, but we finally found it and go up there. We meet her and share with her what the Book of Mormon is. We then ask when we can come back and share more and she tells us that she has to go to the doctor to get an MRI cause “I’m a little crazy” So here we are in the middle of the woods, in Alabama, in the dark, with a lady who just confessed to being crazy, and what do we do? Say a prayer with her. Only a mission haha

New Transfer

Well onto transfer #10. Elder Robertson was transferred to Magnolia and Elder Buhrley came to Clanton. He’s been out for about 14 months and is from Arizona. He’s into photography too so that’s pretty cool. 

Does anyone actually read this stuff? Haha

Roach N’ Cheese

samuel.furgeson@myldsmail.net Week 56 – Alabama Birmingham Mission 801 Trilliam Ln Clanton AL 35045 Well we’re still waiting for transfer news.. but transfers are going to be this Wednesday. We had some great lessons with Keith and Tocarra this week. We moved them into their new trailer and so they’re getting settled in. They don’t have…

Hurricane Irma

Well we don’t have a ton of time today.  Hurricane Irma is starting to come through. We had a busy week of finding. We spend so much time finding but dont have very many people to teach right now 😦 Kieth and Tocarra didn’t come to church this week 😦 Next week we’ll have our…

“We love ya no matter how dirty your boots are”

samuel.furgeson@myldsmail.net Week 54 – Alabama Birmingham Mission 801 Trilliam Ln Clanton AL 35045 Well its been one of those weeks where I don’t even know what to write about. Keith and Tocarra came to church. We’ve been visiting them about 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks and they’re praying about baptism. We…


This week we had the chance to be trained by Elder Christensen of the Presidency of the 70. It was a great meeting. He talked about the Spirit and how it works and how it can help us. It was probably my favorite zone conference yet. 

Lake Day!

I really miss swimming and I didn’t think I’d get the chance to get in any lakes here in Alabama but it happened! While giving Pat her baptism interview she asked if I could baptize her! So Saturday morning I was able to walk with her into the lake and baptize her. It was the most perfect day for a baptism!


Today marks one year since I was set apart as a missionary! There’s been so much I’ve learned through the first year of my missionary service. Here’s two:

Joseph Smith once said “If you teach them correct principles they will govern themselves.” I’ve learned that this statement is absolutely true.

I know for a fact that Christ established his Church when he walked the earth as the Mortal Messiah. I know that he left his apostles to take the church to all nations. I know that the people rejected the apostles teachings as they did Christ. I know that their was an apostasy and the hundreds and thousands of churches in the South are a result of that apostasy. I know that Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the church and truths that had been lost. I know these things because of the Book of Mormon which has drawn me closer to Christ than any other book.


Well I’m getting transferred. I’ll be leaving Northport and will be going to Clanton Alabama. Clanton is the peach capitol and is a small branch. I’ll be companion with Elder Robertson. I’m super bummed to be leaving Northport but am so grateful for the poeple I met here and for all that I was able to learn. A bunch of the primary kids made drew me pictures in their class to thank me it was so nice.. I don’t want to go!

Nick Saben’s Door

Honestly I’m so tired right now and can barely remember what happened this week.

We found Nick Sabens address online (creepy right?) and went and knocked on it. Nobody was home but I knocked on Nick Sabens door which is a pretty cool thing to say. People worship him here.